Artifact Introduction

Welcome to the Artifact Tutorial and Simple Quality Leaflet!

This "book" (it is a very small book) also serves as the tutorial for artifact, the design documentation tool made for everybody (including developers!). You can get this book on the project's home design documents (TODO: add link) and it also ships with the Web UI of every artifact (just follow the docs in the header).

Artifact is a simple, linkable and trackable design documentation tool for everybody. It allows anyone to write and link their design documents both to each other and to source code, making it easy to know how complete their project is. Documents are revision controllable, can be edited in the browser and have a full suite of command line tools for searching, displaying, checking, exporting and formatting them.

This book is broken into 3 main sections:

  • Artifact introduction: introducing you to the syntax and basic philosophy of artifact.
  • Simple Quality: an interactive guide for achieving high quality with minimal effort geared more towards beginner to intermediate software developers.
  • Addendum: complete list of features, fullpage specification, etc.